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Creating Your Own Transport Solution


Our clients benefit substantially from the transference of assets, skills, knowledge and experience across the group.

The option of combining the movement of freight by road and rail from South Africa to numerous destinations in the Southern African region allows our clients an innovative and efficient alternative and, together with the option of cargo consolidations, particularly in respect of smaller consignments, means that all positions are covered.


As a group we take pride in the service offerings we have available to you; some of which include: 

  • All companies are fully certified by the Occupational Health and Safety system in the transportation and risk management of hazardous cargo and is an accredited Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability (SQAS) transporter.

  • In addition to this, all drivers are trained and certified by a registered authority for the carrying, loading, and offloading of hazardous cargo.

  • All vehicles are fitted with multiple tracking units that use a combination of Satellite, GSM and RF communication that enable our vehicles to be tracked anywhere in the region in real time. All vehicles are monitored both live and historically by a dedicated control room that operates 24 hours a day, giving management and customers essential feedback on the vehicles and loads and highlighting any non compliance issues requiring immediate attention.
  • Vehicles are  fitted with fleet manager units which enable management to monitor and improve driving styles thereby increasing efficiencies, road safety and safety of cargo.
  • Our in-house driving school and instructors continually work with both existing and new drivers, refreshing and improving their skill sets. Some topics addressed include, but are not limited to,: driving technique, road safety, health and safety, load security, customer interactions and requirements.


Our management and senior staff have operated within the Southern African region for over twenty years and enjoy a sound knowledge and understanding of the region and its procedures. This allows for the smooth flow of both documentation and freight, giving you a reliable and proficient service you can count on.

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    Our Dynamic Group of Companies



    Action Across All Spheres

    Transaction Carriers (Pty) Ltd T/A TAC

    Transaction Carriers (TAC) offers cross-border freight-management and transport services into Zambia and the DRC.

    TAC has a very competitive footing in the market with 130 mechanical horses together with air-suspension trailers comprising primarily of super-links complemented by a growing fleet of tri-axles and step-deck trailers.

    Our trucks and trailers are all purchased new from the manufactures and recapitalised every12 years to ensure that each vehicle is always on the manufacturer’s full maintenance contract whilst we are operating them.

    The sheer reliability and efficiency of the fleet, together with the horse and trailer combinations, make it extremely suitable for a wide range of general breakbulk cargo as well as containers, abnormals and hazardous commodities into Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    The Who's Who in Logistics

    Transaction Carriers (Pty) Ltd T/A Watt Africa

    Warehouse and Total Transport Solutions

    Watt Africa specialises in consolidated and full load transportation to Zimbabwe. We have a growing fleet of 30 trucks that consists of vehicles from 12 to 34 tons. Our vehicles are purchased new from the manufactures and recapitalised every 12 years as is the TAC fleet. Our fleet consists of closed tautliner vehicles and flat deck super-links. Our tautliners, used primarily for consolidated and high-volume cargo, are fully enclosed which enhances the overall security of the cargo while minimising exposure to the elements.

    Every week, 5 to 7 of our consolidated vehicles are despatched from South Africa to Zimbabwe with an average transit time of 6 days. In addition to these consol loads, we also have full trucks loading from our warehouse and various suppliers. We make use of our own dedicated warehouse which has sufficient space and equipment to receive cargo and ensure it is securely packaged and stored for transportation to Zimbabwe. We have a dedicated operations and warehouse team that is committed to fulfill all of your transportation needs in into Zimbabwe

    We also have an affiliation with a clearing agent – Shickers Clearing and Forwarding – who are based in Harare and able to assist with any import and export enquiries you may have.

    Our Fleets


    Transaction Carriers (Pty) Ltd T/A TAC

    Transaction Carriers (Pty) Ltd T/A Watt Africa